Betting Value in Accumulator Bets

In the realm of online football betting, accumulator bets are often regarded as the most controversial type of bet. A large number of bettors on Lionsbet for mobile and other platforms put their stakes on accumulator bets because of the huge winnings they promise. However, only a few have the skill required to make good money from accas. At the same time, statistics and experts warn that accumulator bets are bad for long-term profits and not worth the hassle. So, are accumulator bets worth your stake? If they are, why are they good for you? In this article, we are going to answer simple questions bettors asks about accas.

How it Works – Accas and Value

Before we into full details about the relationship between accumulator bets and value, we’ll explain what the concepts of value betting are. For the sake of newbies in sports betting, we’ll also do a brief recap on how accumulator bets work.

The concept of value in betting was originally adopted from the world of investment. For example, if you are investing in a business, and you are offered a lower price than what the business is worth. This means you are getting value in such an investment. However, in most cases, it is may not be easy to know the real worth of the investment. Especially if you don’t know as much as the person selling it to you.

The situation described above is very similar to what occurs in football betting. The bookies are the seller of investment, and the odds you are offered may or may not be of good value. So, how do you determine the real value of the odds the bookmaker is offering you? You need to calculate the actual probability of a certain outcome. It is simple mathematics that every bettor should know. If you find out that a team has a 70% chance of winning through your research, and your bookmaker is offering odds of 3:0, which implies that the probability of the said team winning is 60%. The 10% can be referred to as an edge.

Although, in reality, the situation is almost always the other way around. The books usually have the edge over the bettors, which is how they make their profit. Essentially, this means you have to outsmart the bookmaker to make good money from your predictions and bets.

As far as accumulators are concerned, they take the individual odds of several bets and multiply them. As a result, the profits are greatly increased but the probability of winning is reduced just as much. So as the implied probability of you winning your bet decreases, the odds grow exponentially to counteract this. Essentially, if the edge for all selections were identical, it will remain the same in an acca bet.

Accumulator Betting and Return-on-Investment

Circling back to investment, return-on-investment, or ROI as it is fondly called is how much you’re predicted to earn from a given venture. In sports betting, the ROI is calculated by multiplying the odds by the edge. The best accumulators have very long odds. This implies that they can turn a small edge into large profits. For instance, if a bet has 2.00 odds and a 2% edge, it has an expected ROI of just 4%. However, an acca bet with 5 selections has 32 odds and an ROI of 64%.

With the knowledge you have gained about value betting, your eyes should be opened to the possibilities in sports betting. However, as we have mentioned before, bookmakers usually have an edge over players. What that translates to is that most of the time, when you place an acca football bet, the ROI is negative. In essence, there is no value in this bet.

Also, you should know that accumulator bets multiply the value of their separate parts. If you are lucky to have chosen selections with value, then you have just made a profitable wager. However, finding a single bet with value can be tedious even for the experts. So, imagine finding up to four or more value bets. To make things worse, one weak link in your selection can make your cumulative value plummet. That said, you should know most accumulator betting tips offer no value.

Closing Thoughts

Other factors are there to be considered when placing accumulator bets. For instance, where each selection in a bet has a 52% chance of winning considering the implied probability of 2.00 odds plus the edge. An accumulator bet with 5 of these bets has an implied probability of 3.2%. From every point of view, winning accumulator bets is very rare.

In reality, this means you have a chance of winning only one accumulator bets out of the 30 you place. You have a chance to make a profit in the long run, however, your bankroll will have to suffer for it. Also, this means you have to make over 150 selections which must all have value. Is it worth it?

Finally, you should know accumulator bets are not bad for value if you make the right selections. However, they are difficult to win and will cost you money.



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