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Every millennial wants a  Cartier Love or Juste un Clou. And not just the girls. They know these by name. Both designs are so now, so fresh. The Love bracelet and rings come with its own tool box, a screwdriver, for your lover to attach and keep safe. Only the lover can open it. It is so modern, a row of nails on a bracelet. The Juste un Clou is a nail that is worn on your wrist. It is almost punk. The watches are timeless. Both daughters and grandmothers desire them. It is a must for all, a desire for all, to own a Cartier.

This is what makes Cartier such a unique story.


The iconic Love Bracelet was inspired by chastity belts and designed by Monsieur Cipullo in 1969. !1969?  We thought it is a brand new design. It is said that hospitals in the New York area keeps such a screwdriver on hand, in emergencies, if it needs to be removed.


Louis Cartier was a man of firsts, after listening to pilots complain of not being able to read the clock on the airplane dials, he created the Santos watch in 1904. The Santos is still high in demand and not very different from the original design. The first of many firsts.


Alfred Cartier, took a metal that no jeweler was using in 1847, platinum, and included it in his diamond settings to give strength and add brilliance to the diamonds.


Later Pierre Cartier purchased the New York Flagship store on 5th Ave, not with millions but a pearl necklace. The six story 5th ave store became his with a trade of pearls. Unbelievable if one had to think of the value of that building now.


Ah and then there is the long list of Royals who wore Cartier crowns, to Hollywood stars who only wore Cartier.


It is easy to think that all of Cartier’s products are brand new. Cartier does take pride in renewing and refreshing all their designs.

Juste un Clou is now boldly being advertised to millennials, who are lapping it up. The jewel is being called unbridled, wild and emblematic. Radical. For your squad.  And it is desired by men and women- just like the Love series is. Sofia Coppolla was bought in to film the newest ad for Juste un Clou, showing just how modern and timeless it is.

It is pure genius. And just as with all the other incredible designs you can start with a silver version and go all the way to a completely diamond covered jewel.


The Tank watch is celebrating 100 years this year. Unbelievable! It looks like it was designed today. Now 100 years old, the Tank watch has never been so new. For free spirits from every age, it is a universal symbol of style and elegance that has taken an unprecedented path spanning an entire century. While bridging divergent eras, it gives rise to a resolutely modern way of life centered around three cult models: the Tank Louis Cartier, the Tank Américaine and the Tank Française.

Louis Cartier took this watch from the Art Nouveau style and created the Avant Garde Art Deco style. The Tank has been so universal in success it has been seen on Catherine Deneuve, Gary Cooper, and the cinematic appearance on Rudolph Valentino’s wrist in a movie called The Son of the Sheik, dated to long before Cartier existed. It is said he insisted, and would not take off his watch.

The American painter, Pop Art guru and legend of the New York scene,
had a talent for standing out. He wore
his Tank watch but never wound it:

“I really don’t wear it to tell the time…”

he admitted once during an interview.

Yves Saint Laurent was photographed by the legendary Horst, with his Tank just peeping out of his sleeve.

My favourite photo is a happy looking Princess Diana, her Tank completely full frontal in the photo.

The Tank is now available in The Louis Cartier style, The Tank Française, and the Tank Américaine. Française is with a metal strap, and Américaine has a slightly longer rectangular shape. Any one of those will look magnificent on my wrist.

Although the Cartier story starts with watches and jewels, there is so many incredible products to swoon over.

The new homeware collection by Cartier cultivates a discerning art de vivre, presenting candles and candle holders, boxes, photo frames, trays and bowls which are precious, stylish yet functional.

These objects exude the signature Cartier style in sublime detail showcasing precious materials and utilising craftsmanship that draws on a broad tradition of techniques. True to the graphic inspiration characteristic to Cartier, the collection is designed by geometric motifs and the monogram. These motifs, in engraved metal or openwork detail, pay tribute to the art deco tradition in a fresh interpretation of the repertoire.

The objects are reflections of Cartier excellence, their craftsmanship evident in the newly wrought sophistication of the engraved metal and openwork detail. Further ornamentation is supplied by the dainty application of enamel on bisque porcelain, and the cabochon cut of decorative red jasper, onyx and lepidolite. We covet everything, but the bikers helmet is just beyond amazing. At least I can say I have a key holder. Unfortunately, my Cartier ring was demanded back by an ex. But I live in hope. As long as I have a Tank on my wrist soon.


And for all of us that want to live La vie en Cartier, there is always the sensual perfumes and fragrances that allure and deliver a feeling of a life in Cartier.

May we all have a taste of Cartier in our lives, my wish for all of you.


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